CHORUS is a participatory mobile health framework and web application that I developed to empower patients, providers, researchers, and community leaders to create their own personalized mobile health interventions and share them with each other. The framework allows users to rapidly create, in as little as a few minutes, a broad range of automated text messaging (SMS) and interactive voice (IVR) applications using a simple and accessible visual interface. It lowers the financial, technical and time constraints of traditional mobile health application development and the accessible visual interface enables engagement of a broad group of people.

how it works
Use CHORUS to make your own text or voice apps

Potential use cases are broad and include medication reminders, health status reporting, education materials, outbreak surveillance, local resource listings, and health related games. Additionally, rapid and low cost development allows for novel application types to be created such as 'just-in-time' interventions. For example, creating mobile applications to respond to specific public health emergencies, disasters, or other event-related needs where customized interventions need to be created and deployed in a critical time period.

implementations of the framework
NIMH-funded pilot of an automated telephone system aiming to develop personalized assessment of clinical status of patients with mental illness. more
Automated reminders and health outcome collection as part of the Building Resilience in Community Health project.
Community engagement with Healthy African American Families II and the Center for Health Services and Society. HAAF website
Disaster Response
Chorus used to create an SMS-based adaptation of 'Listen, Protect, Connect', psychological first aid for disasters.
UCLA Clinics
We are currently investigating options to integrate the framework to engage patients and providers in several clinics at UCLA
High Schools
In collaboration with Dr Sheryl Kataoka at our Center, we will be organizing workshops with high school students to engage them in creation of health intervention and education apps using Chorus

how can I get involved?
Join the team
This is a community-driven project. We can use all the help we can get!! A diverse team can make this framework great. If you're interested in what we're doing, connect with us to find out how to help.
artists + designers + patients + programmers + community leaders + researchers + clinicians + public health
Fund a priority!
Be a Chorus Champion and fund a key development priority. Have other ideas for things you'd like to fund? Let us know!
Current funders:
- Deborah Estrin, PhD through CENS, UCLA
- Ken Wells, MD, MPH through CHSS, UCLA
- Bowen Chung, MD through the B-RICH NIMH study
- Armen Arevian, MD, PhD through CHSS, UCLA
Use Chorus
A great way to help build the community is to use the Chorus framework. CONNECT with us to find out how to become a beta tester or implement in your research or community.