participatory + informatics + personalized + community + design + play + responsive + efficient + predictive
My work spans multiple domains of research including neuroscience, computer science, design and clinical psychiatry. However, my projects are united by common themes that cut across these fields and I listed several of them above. Participatory techniques are a major theme - the concept of engaging patients, community leaders, researchers, and clinicians as equal partners to share responsibility and to co-create research and clinical interventions. Principles from the field of design can be powerful, not only in terms of visual aesthetics but also in interaction design, for example integrating play to improve engagement and behavior change (and to just make things more fun). Bringing analytical techniques from neuroscience and computer science such as machine learning and neural network modeling aims at finding novel methods to quantify a patient's experience, their clinical status, and ultimately predict outcomes and design 'just-in-time' interventions.

more on this soon...